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Diamonds, the most mystical and enduring of all precious gemstones are unquestionably a woman's best friend: perhaps because there is an unspoken, subtle intimacy between a woman and her diamond jewellery. When it comes to selecting your special piece you may already know exactly what you want, or you may be looking for some guidance and suggestions. At Jindal Diamonds, our years of experience, and knowledge of the latest styles and designs, will enable us to help you to make the perfect choice.
The fascination of jewels for generations has made Jindal Diamonds constantly innovative with a long tradition of elegance and superb craftsmanship.Jindal Diamonds is one of the few jewelers to offer certified diamond jewellery with 100 per cent buy back guarantee. Being a renowned manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of diamond jewellery throughout northern India, lately it has carved a niche for itself in the retail market too. Apart from the fact that master craftsmen design each piece here, the jewellery comes along with a Certificate of Authenticity issued by a qualified gemologist and "buy back" terms. In the case of a diamond weighing more than half a carat, the buy back is at 105 per cent after three years and 110 per cent after five years. Moreover, being a manufacturer and wholesales, Jindal Diamonds prices are affordable and competitive.
Although diamond jewellery, is their forte, the brand has also forayed into the alluring world of designer gold, kundan and platinum jewellery. They stock branded jewellery like 'Asmi', 'Nakshatra','Pt' & 'D'damas',too.So if you are looking for designer diamond jewellery with international quality, assured authenticity and 100 per cent buy back guarantee, there is no better brand than Jindal Diamonds. Our jewellery is a true reflection of the personality and style of the wearer. Whether you are looking for a special gift for a loved one, or a piece of jewellery for yourself, Jindal Diamonds will exceed your expectation
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