Krishna Artec Group
       Profile Of The Company

Each project of Krishna Artec is backed by meticulous planning and careful detailing. The promoters of the organization are veterans of the construction sector, and are well experienced with all the varied aspects of the real estate scenario. The organization is well served with a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals. The team ensures that the highest standards of efficiency, professionalism and transparency are maintained.

Over the years Krishna Artec Group has undertaken and successfully executed premium residential and commercial projects, spread all over Delhi and the National Capital Region as well. The combined worth of these projects is more than Rs. 250 crores. All the projects strictly comply with the various regulations and bylaws of the government, and fulfill all the legalities.

The Group encloses within its fold numerous independent concerns such as Jai Krishna Artec - JV, Jai Krishna Estate Pvt. Ltd., Artec Builders Ltd., Artec Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Krishna Artec - The thought
Each project and every detail demands perfection. Every feature shall be created and transformed over and over again until the highest level of perfection is achieved. The entire thought process, the complete visualization has to work towards achieving this one single objective - total and absolute perfection.

Krishna Artec - The vision
To mark each venture with the Krishna Artec seal of perfection

To secure the firm confidence of the end user, retain it and reward it with immaculate products and services.

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