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In the early 1970's Navi Mumbai, the city of 21st Century was still in a nascent stage, It was being transformed from a small village to a dreamt mega-city. Lakhani's Builders & Developers started the organization as a social service to provide low budget houses for the masses.

The business of construction demands indepth knowlegde, experience and also co-ordination with various small businesses. All this, and more - has been the success behind growing of a family run small business, to an organization that undertakes mega-projects for the elite class.

Lakhani's Builders & Developers is spearheaded by Mr. Vijay Lakhani & Dr. Vishan Lakhani. By excellence in every field, dedication, social work, charity etc., Mr. Vijay Lakhani has been awarded "Rashtriya Ratan" for the year 2000.

Both, Mr.Vijay Lakhani & Dr. Vishan Lakhani are members of many social organizations. In spite of keeping hectic schedules in the pursuance of their goal to provide world-class infrastructure to commercial and residential aspirants, they do not fail on their social callings as respectable citizens of the country. Navi Mumbai owes a lot to these gems, who contribute wholeheartedly to make Navi Mumbai worthwhile

About Lakhani's Galaxy
Twin Towers
Each rising 12 Floors above the Podium Level
Ready Possession
Waiting to welcome you and your esteemed family
Cheque Payments
No Legal hassles
Whatever floats your boat
2, 3 or 4 BHK
Experience t

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