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Jain Housing & Constructions Ltd.,

The Jains have a long and a glittering history. Legends in the field of construction, our ever remarkable methods have ushered in a brilliant era in the building industry.

The last decade have seen our extraordinary work gain an immense reputation. The work done by Jains exemplary. It is modern and rebellious at the same time traditional and pleasant to behold. This unique blend can only be achieved by the Jains. The keen insight, prodigal talent and meticulous, eye for detail - these are tell - tale signs of Jains work of art.

Builder's Association of India recognizes
Jains Housing as the "Best Builder in Chennai".

With 2000 happy families, 80 completed projects and 32 ongoing projects, under one belt, we now move very close to you. For each of our magnificent edifices is a very human construction, One can say it is built with human convenience and comfort in mind.

We leave no stone unturned to ensure a completely happy, safe, luxurious stay for each and every customer. The standards we have set are now being followed by others.

At Jains you will have the masterpieces created with the touch of highest excellence. Aesthetic designing and appealing landmarks, these are it's continued commitment in "Building the Home of Prosperity".

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