Jagson Realtors

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Profile Of The Company

Jagson Realtors

We primarily deal in Sale/ Purchase and Leasing of ;

Residential Bungalows/ Flats/ Apartments and Farm Houses,
Approved Commercial & Non-commercial Office Space,
Industries/ Factory and BPO Call Centres

Why Us:

Jagson Realtors was formed with sole purpose of providing 'Professional and Honest' services* to its valued customers. We believe 'service is our business' and keeping this in mind we have set high standards for the same. And we have always served our clients with sincere endeavor to provide 'One stop property shop' which can cater to all their real estate requirements. At the same time we also realize that several factors go into providing real estate solutions that protect our customer's investment, most importantly Clear title, Quality of Product & Cost-effectiveness. Our extensive database ensures a wide spectrum of choice in properties for our clients.

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