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Eldeco Infrastructure & Properties Ltd

Incorporated in the year 2000, with the objective to undertake professional real estate projects in the National Capital Region of India, Eldeco Infrastructure & Properties Ltd. is part of the 30-year-old Eldeco Group. The group’s main objective is to promote a real estate and construction and the company has been recognized for quality of construction, commitment to delivery as well as sound and transparent business ethics.

Within five years, Eldeco Infrastructure & Properties Ltd. (EIPL) has grown at a remarkable top-line growth rate of 70% per annum and at present, the company’s aggregate value of projects (both delivered and in hand) stands at INR 1400 crores.

The key differentiator between EIPL and other development groups is its business philosophy grounded on ethics and integrity. The value system of the company is evident from the fact that the management encourages best in class practices and this has helped the company get an ISO 9001 rating and a DR2 rating from ICRA Ltd. (an associate of Moody's Investors Service).

The DR2 rating from ICRA indicates Strong project development capacity. The rating also indicates that the prospects of development of real estate projects as per plan and the ability to transfer ownership as per terms are high. EIPL is the first north Indian developer to be assigned the DR2 rating by ICRA.

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