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Halwasiya Developments Pvt. Ltd

Halwasiya Developments (P) Limited, our flagship company, is a leading player in the field of real estate development with a proven track record in the field of civil construction and real estate development activities. Founded in the year 1997, and incorporated under Companies Act 1956, it is a member of the reputed Halwasiya Group of Companies.

Though our current business focus is on North India, we have earned a reputation for efficiency and reliability on a national level. Tapping into the core competencies of the Halwasiya Group, we provide end to end real estate development.

It is Halwasiya Group's constant endeavor to adapt to the best practices in the real estate development sector. Halwasiya Group's strength is built on key business drivers - in-depth project execution experience, robust infrastructure, skilled workforce, and modern construction technology.

The company works with leading contractors on its projects to ensure that we leverage our combined strengths to ensure the most optimal utilization of resources.

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