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  Online Advertising

     The Internet is the fastest growing medium in history and has already enhanced more than 100 Million users world wide and continues to expand at more than 10% a month.The Internet presents a great opportunity for Entrepreneures to reach out to a greater audience at a fraction of the cost in comparison to other traditional media.

     Online advertising is Interactive, Interpersonal, cost effective... These are but a few of the many advantages that the Internet, as an advertising medium offers. Traditional media, in today's highly competitive world, has proved to be insufficient in fulfilling advertisers' need, efficiency and satisfaction.

  Online Media

     Online advertising has now emerged as a critical component of any media plan as it delivers numerous powerful benefits.

Why Online Advertising Delivers Superior Value

Scale Of Reach
Lead Generation
Direct Sales
Rich Media
CPM Rates

   Benefits Of Online Media
  • Greater reach,
  • Educated and affluent audience,
  • Precision targeting,
  • Real-time tracking,
  • Rich media branding,
  • Lead Generation and
  • Direct sales.
     Advertisers, both small and large are allocating increasingly bigger fractions of their advertising budgets to online advertising.

    The Desizip Advantage provides viewers across the globe the content that includes extensive real time news and commercial updates. also provides a range of channels offering latest in Classifieds, News, Jobs, Resumes, Forum Topics and many other information based services. Interactive on-line community products, like message boards help to connect people worldwide.

     Desizip offers advertisers an opportunities to target a huge audience interested in Indian community. To reach the right audience, advertising banners can be placed in targeted categories and content areas and on specific pages.

      Customized home page promotions combine high-visibility placement with opportunities to quickly showcase sites, brands, events, products and services in a unique interactive package to the target audience.

      The prominant feature of is Zipcode(zipcode level events).

  • You can become an admin for your zipcode/pincode.

  • Once you become a zip admin, you get a speacial access to Yourzip section in Desizip.

  • This Zipadmin will be responsible to collect and contribute all the Events happening at his/her zipcode/pincode. The Zip admin can also Upload the latest news with images.

  • This Zipadmin can Upload Banners at free of cost, which can be viewed by the end users , if they search with that zipcode.

  • The End Users can view all the events happening at their zip code level.
  • Ability to target By country, By state, By city and By specific zipcode (pincode of cities).
  • You control the market by advertising in any of our Desizip sections.
  • Targeted customers receive your information.
  • Brand loyalty leads to increased sales and return customers.
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