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 Joined On: 4/10/2006 10:39:06 PM
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    Karaiyorum Movie Review - 1/13/2016 7:26:03 AM
  Cast: Nikesha Patel, Ineya, Vasishta Simha, Ganesh Prasad, Simran, Mano Bala, Singam Puli.Direction: JKS.Genre: Mystery.Duration: 1 hour 57 minutes

A woman moves to a beach house to forget a personal tragedy and falls in love with a local there. But people in the place tell her that the guy has been dead for 10 years! Is she going mad or is something sinister at play here?

Review: Karaiyorum is the kind of serviceable thriller that Hollywood keeps churning out very often. A crucial part of the plot of the film is actually lifted from a Hollywood film Half Light, that was released in 2006 and starred Demi Moore. The director even sets the action in a beach house close to a lighthouse, as was the case in that film!

Here, Priya (Nikesha Patel), the heir of a dead industrialist, comes to the seaside hamlet to recover from the loss of her sister. She falls in love with a local, John (Vashishta Simha), who lives inside the lighthouse. But her neighbours tell her that John has been dead for the past 10 years. Her best friend, Ramya (Ineya) suggests that she take psychiatric help. Meanwhile, she keeps seeing John at odd places. Is Priya going insane or has she become the victim of a sinister plot?

Karaiorum progresses from one point to the next with hardly any inspired touches and at a leisurely pace that we neither care for the film nor its characters, who are just archetypes.
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